Scones for days

I spent Sunday afternoon testing out a fun new recipe from BBC Good Food: lemon drizzle scones. I mean, come on, it’s the perfect combination of two of the nest bakes: lemon drizzle cake and the classic scone.

I can highly recommend the recipe: nice and easy, and tasted delicious. Only two left sadly, so I’ll have to make some more.

Here’s the finished result…


And, while we’re on the subject of scones, I can’t resist an opportunity to tell you about my recent trip to John Whaite’s cookery school in Lancashire.

I’m a massive Bake Off fan, so this was a perfect day for me. Read it about it on the House & Garden website, by clicking here.

Here’s a sneaky peek of him trying to get me to improve my rubbish piping skills…


(photo by Alexandra Holt)

And here are the orange and cranberry scones we made on the day…



Now, who’s putting the kettle on?

Bethan x


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