Asos payday splurge!

It is a truth universally acknowledged that, come payday each month, I will have a list of a zillion items in my Asos saved items patiently waiting to be bought.

This month is, of course, no different, and because it’s my birthday in two days, I’ve decided to move a few bits into my basket and leg it to that checkout!

I’m a big fan of the Kimmi shrunken boyfriend jeans, and they’ve been released in a couple of new washes and finishes. I want both!


Kimmi in Karsten wash, £32


image1xxl (1)

In clean black with raw hem, £32

Asos has also done a great range of Gucci-inspired, maximalist tops and dresses this season. So I think I need a piece of that, too.


Bird print blouse, £36

And as we move into autumn (sob), a comfy, casual pair of skate shoes – great with bare legs and dresses now, just as good with jeans and a jumper for a winter weekend.

image1xxl (2).jpg

Digger trainers, £25

And finally, a staple piece that will work all year round (also something I’m noticing on bloggers left, right and centre at the moment), the denim mini. Yes, it’s having a comeback…

image3xxl (1).jpg

Denim A-line mini, £20

What will you be adding to basket this month?

Bethan x


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