Happy birthday to me!

It’s my 29th birthday today!

And what better excuse than a birthday to feast on cake. So I’m sharing with you one of the fanciest and tastiest cakes I’ve ever made…

Konditor & Cook’s Mela Cannella. Here’s the book, and my version…


It’s a perfect cake for this time of year as it’s full of blackberries, which I’ve spied aplenty just recently, along with apples and a yummy lemon curd glaze (although I used passionfruit, which was delish!)

The recipe’s in the Deservedly Legendary Baking cookbook, £16.59 on Amazon. Recipes by Gerhard Jenne and photographs by Jean Cazals.


And, to whet your appetite, here are some other delicious-looking cakes that feature in the book (on the cover is its legendary curly whirly cake)…


Victoria sponge


Chocolate biscuit cake


8552aef5b63d86c7c5737b1d1e9995d1 (1).jpg

Twice-baked raspberry ricotta cheesecake

Know someone with a birthday this week? Go on, make them a cake…

Bethan x



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