Wallpaper dreams

Living in a rented house means that decoration has to be pretty minimal – a lick of paint here, a picture there. You can’t be painting the walls black and knocking down walls.

This generally suits me just fine, as I’m not the most creative when it comes to interiors, but I can’t help dreaming of wallpaper. This hasn’t been helped by the past week, when I’ve found myself in room after room of beautiful designs…


This beauty is in nineteenth-century visionary John Ruskin’s house in Coniston (I was in the Lake District earlier this week). He designed this wallpaper himself, and I love it (though this is a modern remake).

Next up, on a trip to Lainston House hotel in Wiltshire, I stayed in the Walnut room, and was treated to this beauty…


Hard to resist, isn’t it. So I thought I’d indulge my dreams by a sharing a couple of wallpapers I dream of buying when I’ve got a house of my own…


This is ‘Simone’ from Laura Ashley – currently £20 a roll. Our bedroom is this shade of blue, and I think it’d look bloomin’ marvellous entirely papered in this beauty.


And how about ‘Magnolia Tree’ from Designers Guild, £59 a roll. This has got pretty entrance hall written all over it for me.


Finally, who could resist a sunny sitting room covered in Next’s ‘Teal Watercolour Bloom’, for £15 a roll. A beautiful bargain.

Do you love a bit of wallpaper?

Bethan x






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