A Boden state of mind

It seems the time comes in all of our lives when we want to wear Boden. Top to toe. All day long.

For me, this time is now. Gone are the days of synthetic tops from Primark and painful high heels from New Look. Now I want £50-plus cotton tops and bejewelled flats from Boden.

It started with the shoes (as it so often does for me), when a couple of years ago Boden brought out these amazing Christmas party flats…


They were on the feet of bloggers from here to Timbucktoo, and suddenly Boden footwear was on my radar like never before.

Then I became obsessed with this ‘Alice’ style, which I still regularly trawl eBay for, hoping to get them for a knockdown price…


Sadly, the price of Boden’s shoes does prohibit me buying them straight off bat and necessitates the eBay trawling. But you can usually find a Boden voucher code, and the shoes I’m currently stalking are these…


The ‘Cleo’ in black. Oh, the luxury of that suede and ponyskin. And oh, the practicality of a sensible black shoe that goes with everything. (Let’s ignore the whole useless-in-the-rain issue). They’re £79.50 and come in five other colours, including this rather marvellous prussian blue…


But recently, it hasn’t just been about the shoes. It’s been about the bags and the tops, too.


This saddle bag first appeared on Instagram back at the beginning of May, and caused quite a stir, with fans desperate to get their hands on it. Fast forward four months, it’s now in the shops, priced at £199, and the first stock of this size and colourway has already sold out (more due in two weeks). So it’s clearly not just me with the Boden bug.

You can’t beat a good Breton top, right? Wrong! Because Boden’s added polka dots to their ‘Make a statement Breton’, and it’s just bloomin marvellous…


It’s £39.50, and I confess I did cave in and buy this.

And now Boden’s clearly got wind of the fact I love a stripe, because it keeps emailing me pictures of this beautiful roll-neck. The naughty temptress.


It’s £59.50, so I find myself umming and ahhing. It is lovely though, and made from a nice mix of merino wool and cotton. I can pratically feel the comfort.

And finally, I think this blouse belongs in my expanding collection of pretty blouses…


It’s £69.50. Bring on those voucher codes!

And if, like me, you slightly despair at the more out of reach prices, have a gander at the clearance section. There are some gems. I’ll see you there…

Bethan x



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