Bag a mini bag

If you’re anything like me, you probably carry around about a ton of stuff in your day-to-day bag. Phone, purse, diary, seventeen liptsticks, umbrella, bottle of water… the list goes on. But I’m getting a bit sick of the constantly achey shoulder, so I’ve decided to downsize.

Not all the time, because, sadly, I do need most of the stuff I cart around. But for evenings and weekends, I want to be free of the big bags and embrace a cute little mini bag. Here are my top five…

Mini tassel bag, £80, Cambridge Satchel Company. This is my frontrunner. Cute little shape and size, 100 per cent leather, and it ticks the box for my navy fetish.


Braided shoulder bag, £69, & Other Stories (measure 23 x 17 x 6.5cm). I like the woven look of this one, and I’m a sucker for a tan accessory.

Leopard suede circle bag, £32, Topshop. What’s not to love? 1 – cute shape, and 2 – leopard (it’s the new neutral).

Yellow pony clutch, £89.50, Boden. My love for Boden is no secret (read all about it here) and this yellow bag is the perfect solution for those who love the colour, but can’t necessarily wear it on tops (it makes me look a bit ill!)


Green croc bag, £50, Kurt Geiger at House of Fraser. Reduced from £140, this dinky little number is a real bargain for a leather bag, and at 13 x 16 x 8cm, it definitely meets the criteria of a shoulder saviour.

Will you be joining the downsizing revolution?

Bethan x


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