Fun hosiery

One of the best things about autumn and winter? The return of tights! Yes, bare legs in summer are easy breezy, and for those who tan, it’s the perfect opportunity to show them off. But for the fairer skinned girls, such as myself, the return of tights season brings with it a sigh of relief that the gradual tan can go back in the cupboard for a few months.

I’m usually more of a black or grey tights kind of girl, but I find myself this year drawn towards something a little more frivolous. Here’s some inspo from Pinterest…

As you might expect, good old M&S can be relied upon for coloured tights. Its 60 denier Supersoft Opaques are just £2.50 a pair, and come in seven colours. Naturally, I bought three (teal, indigo and poppy)! Rude not to at that price.


I’m still figuring out what to wear them with as they take a bit of confidence, but I’m determined to be brave!

Asos also has some nice patterned styles. These heart-pattern sheers are very YSL…


And at £8, an easy outfit update.

I also really like these giant polka dots, £8 from Asos…


Meanwhile, for the very adventurous, Topshop has micro fishnets in three colours for £6.50 a pair…

And for what I like to think of as cosy ‘weekend tights’ (ie, ideal with a denim skirt and big jumper for winter walks or cosying up on the sofa), White Stuff has a lovely selection. These spotty ones are £15…


Note the contrast toe? See, these tights are meant to be worn in the house without shoes to show that design off to the fullest.

Bethan x



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