PJs – all day

Appropriately for a Sunday, I think, this post is all about the joys of pyjama dressing. Because never has it been cooler to wear your pyjamas.

This is not a flashback to university, and it is definitely not an invitation to leave the house in the manky jogging bottoms and vest top you actually sleep in. No, this is stylish pyjama dressing: loose, patterned trousers and shirts with piped edges. Wear just the shirt or the trousers, or go the whole hog and do the look top to bottom.

The key is to keep things polished so no one thinks you have actually rolled out of bed and into work. So blow dry that hair, paint your nails, and don’t wear any sort of shoe that resembles a slipper. I’m taking Selena Gomez as style inspiration…


And here are some of my favourite pyjama pieces on the high street…


£35, Warehouse. For the print-averse, this black, piped shirt dips a toe into the trend, without breaking out of any comfort zones. I’m picturing it with a bright red or pink A-line skirt.


Meanwhile, for the less faint-hearted, Warehouse has this little combo, at £45 per piece, now available from Asos. I tried on the trousers. I nearly bought them. I can’t quite remember why I didn’t now, because I have a real longing for them right now!


This silky shirt, £36, from Asos, is all about that embroidered back. The colour’s pretty gorgeous for autumn, too.


There’s more than a touch of the Andy Pandy about these striped trousers, £29.99, from Zara. I like the frilled cuff – it adds a bit of girlishness to the traditional striped pyjama trouser, and the cropped length is ideal for showing off fancy shoes or boots.


Oasis does genius prints, and this oriental one is no exception. This short is £46. The colour is gorgeous, too, and the shirt is such a statement that all you need to add is jeans and leather boots.

Now, I think it’s about time for a Sunday afternoon nap…

Bethan x


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