My winter workout wear wishlist

So, the clocks have gone back and it’s now officially dark at 4.30pm. Boo! Which means I seriously need to rethink my exercise gear.

I’m currently into running outside, but my workout wardrobe consists mostly of dark leggings and tops – not exactly the way to be seen on dark nights. So I’m on the lookout for some bright, warm gear for winter.

I was in Next at the weekend and this gilet caught my eye…


Gilet, £40, Next. I was a bit surprised to find such nice workout gear in Next, but this felt really good quality. I’m impressed! I’d like to pair it with these…



Leggings, £18.50, Adidas. I think the pattern would pick up the orange colour nicely. And, most importantly, they have a drawstring waist. An essential in my book. I can’t bear leggings without a drawstring waist, as I seem to spend my whole run pulling them up. But so many of the amazing printed styles have no drawstring. Sort it out, sportswear manufacturers. These, however, are perfect!

But if money was no object, I’ve heard great things about the comfort and fit of Lululemon leggings.


These ones are £88 (eek!) but I love the colour.

I also think it’s time to add a proper fluoro jacket to my arsenal…


This one’s a bargain £17.99 from Sports Direct. Not exactly glamorous, but then neither is my bright red running face!

And to top off my super cool look, how about a matching hat and gloves set?


£14.99, also from Sports Direct.

Now I really do have no excuse not to keep on running!

Bethan  x


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