Backless shoes in winter?

Call me crazy but, even on possibly the drizzliest of November days, I find myself with an urge to buy backless shoes.

Obviously this trend stems from the many incarnations of backless Gucci loafers (including the fur-lined ones), which I initially thought were ridiculous.


But, as with so many trends, once I’ve seen it enough times, I come round to the idea, and then I come to love it. And though I definitely won’t be splashing out £410 on these bad boys (much as I might like to…)


…There are loads of nice high street versions. Scrolling through Instagram this morning, I spotted this rather excellent pair from Boden…


Loafers, £62.65, Boden . They’re real leather and super chic in my opinion.

Or, for something similar at a much lower price (a safe option for anyone who’s still a bit wary of the trend. Like me!)…


Mules, £18, Asos

Meanwhile Topshop are tickling my fancy for a bit of animal print this winter with these zebra numbers…


Mules, £72, Topshop

The question is, what to do about chilly ankles and heels over the winter months. Because sure, these shoes look chic with bare feet and jeans, but that’s just not viable when the path’s a sea of wet leaves and the temperature’s sub 5 degrees. My solution? It’s all about the socks.

I think this can be played one of two ways…

  1. Primary colour. Topshop has these excellent frilly socks in a range of bright colours, and the black frill ties them in nicely to the black on the shoes. And only £3.50 a pair or £8 for three pairs!

2. Chunky and neutral. Add a little luxury with ribbed socks containing cashmere. Fat Face has these lovely ones at £18 for two pairs…

There we have it – new shoes, and some ideas for what Santa can put in your stocking!

Bethan x


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