Beautiful Hobbs dresses

Yesterday I was wandering round the shiny, new John Lewis in Leeds, which was rather lovely. I can’t resist a John Lewis, can you? From home fragrance and beauty to food and fashion, I could easily fill a trolley with JL goodies.

I love the fashion brands its carries, and fell head over heels with this lovely Hobbs dress, which costs £139…


Obviously it’s a tad on the pricey side, so I’m hanging on till Black Friday to see if it gets reduced! And while I’m waiting, I’ve been checking out some of the other lovely Hobbs dresses in stock online. Have a little scan…

They start at a very reasonable £49 – huzzah!

And, while I’m on about John Lewis, have you seen these amazing Buster pyjamas?

I just want to bury my face in their fluffiness! Definitely one for the Christmas list (they’re £35).

Bethan x


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