The joy of self gifting

It’s the time of year when most of our shopping is about other people, which is no bad thing! But there’s something extra delicious about a little purchase that’s all for yourself, particularly when you’re shoving through heaving crowds in the freezing cold.

That’s why I love a bit of self gifting at this time of year, and actively encourage it. Like mulled wine, it’s good for the soul (if not the wallet). So while you’re out shopping for gifts (or spending a day looking for bargains online), why not add a little jumper or pair of boots to the basket for yourself?

Here are a few bits currently on my self gifting wishlist. Happy Christmas to me!


This adorably girlie pink skirt is £50 from Asos. Cute with a jumper or cardigan, and I think it’ll work right through to spring.


A bargain little treat, this silky scarf from Topshop is just £12 – ideal if you’ve overspent on stocking fillers!


You can’t beat a Breton, and I spotted this one in & Other Stories a few days ago, for £25. The red neckline is a nice little point of difference. A wear-it-forever piece.


I LOVE the bow detail on the back of this jumper, which is £34.99 from H&M

warehouse_02797299_1.jpgOoh, how pretty is this floaty top? Perfect all year, with jeans and boots now and denim shorts and sandals in summer. It’s £45 from Warehouse.


And while I’m there, isn’t this spotty dress, also from Warehouse and priced at £55, rather nice?


These Mango slingbacks, £35.99, are dead ringers for Chanel. In fact, Mango is a high-street king of designer copy shoes; it currently has versions of Gucci’s glittery loafers and Dior’s embellished trainers that I’ve been eyeing up.

What are you treating yourself to this December?

Bethan x


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