Home fragrances I love

Do you love a scented candle? I certainly do, especially on winter evenings. There’s something so cosy about lighting a delicious smelling candle and watching tv under a fluffy blanket.

Personally, I’m not keen on overly sweet or fruity smells from my candles. I’m generally a sucker for white florals, lavender, woody scents and anything remotely resembling laundry!

Have you discovered Stoneglow? It does a whole range of really yummy smelling home fragrance products, for a lot less than many of the high-end brands.


I’m currently using it’s lovely Sea Salt and Oakmoss candle, which is £15. It’s a great clean fragrance, and not overpowering.

Laura Ashley’s Fresh Linen home fragrance range is right up my street.


These drawer liners are currently reduced to £4.80. A beautiful bedroom fragrance.

Of course, no fan of home fragrance could be without a little Jo Malone here and there. Frankly, I’d take anything from Jo Malone, I think everything in that shop smells divine! But I have a couple of favourites…


I bought the Pomegranate Noir diffuser for my mum last Christmas. She put it in the bathroom and, my goodness, did it make the room smell good!

It’s hard to choose a favourite fragrance from JM, but I’m currently coveting the newest, Basil & Neroli, so I think the candle version would go down a treat…


And Wood Sage & Sea Salt is one of my long-standing loves. I’ve currently got the handwash in the bathroom, which is always a treat to use…


And finally, there’s just something so soothing about a spritz of lavender pillow spray


The White Company does a lovely one for £15, in a sleek glass bottle that will blend into any bedroom scheme.

What are your favourite home fragrances?

Bethan x



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