Inspired by Miu Miu


I was flicking through the current issue of Vogue this week and couldn’t resist lingering a while over this lovely new Miu Miu advert, for its Cruise 2017 collection.

Miu Miu is one of those brands that, if I had enough money, I would dress in top-to-toe. I love the bright colours, cute and quirky details and the amazing shoes. I mean, that stripy jumper… And the red skirt… Right up my street.

Here are a few little treats currently available on its website (If I had a spare £10,000 or so…)

But instead of feeling sad that I will never own these little beauties, I’ve decided it wouldn’t be that hard to recreate the look. It’s all about brights and pastels, little pieces of knitwear, statement collars, cute miniskirts and embellished shoes – a perfect combo at this time of year (and the ultimate mood lifter come January!).

I’ve found all of these pieces on my beloved Asos…


Pretty similar, right? And you could probably buy them all for the price of one Miu Miu coat! That’s the kind of fashion maths I enjoy!

Bethan x



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