Gin galore

Our cupboards are not usually chock full of alcohol. I know, poor us! By that I mean, we tend to buy a bottle of wine and drink it the same day, we don’t have a big supply in waiting. But all that changes at Christmas!

The kitchen cupboards currently have a selection to rival any local pub, from champagne to novelty bottles of Disaronno. Good times! And taking up a large amount of space is flavoured gins.

I have a cranberry gin from M&S, an elderflower one from Edinburgh Gins and a classic sloe gin from Warner Edwards.

So what’s a girl to do, but get stuck in there. I’ve looked up a few ideas of what to mix them with to ring the changes (though of course, sometimes you can’t beat a classic tonic).

How about adding a dash of lime to the cranberry gin? Or a sprig of thyme? I also think it’d go well with orange juice – cranberry and orange is a festive combo.


The elderflower gin will be perfect in the summer, with the addition of some cucumber strips or fresh grapefruit juice.


Meanwhile the sloe gin will be perfect for New Year’s Eve, topped up with champagne and garnished with blackberries.


So cheers to the festive booze fest!

Bethan x



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