Brilliant new books

Do you find your Christmas presents tend to have a theme? Some years it’s all about the clothes, others it’s chocolate galore. This year, for me, was all about the books. And seeing as, sob, it’s the final day of the holidays before heading back to work tomorrow, today is the perfect time for a quiet bit of reading.

I was very excited to receive this box set of Roald Dahl books…


I’ve been wanting to re-read these for a while now; some of Dahl’s books are my childhood favourites. I’m looking forward to summer days with no plans, reading Roald Dahl in the garden.

I also received Jo Malone’s autobiography from my parents, which I’m looking forward to getting stuck into (I love anything with Jo Malone’s name on it, and this book has a page scented with her yummy Pomelo fragrance)…


And my nose is currently buried in Sali Hughes’s Pretty Iconic…


I loved her previous book, Pretty Honest, and this one is an equally enjoyable read, with beautiful pictures of classic beauty products. A lovely coffee table book.

Then there are the cookbooks. Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a couple of new ones.


I’m very excited to get stuck into Diana Henry’s new book. I can already vouch for her bacon and egg risotto recipe (as delicious as it sounds…) and I’m excited to try more, such as her huevos rotos…


And finally, some lovely friends bought us River Cottage Light & Easy


Perfect for this time of year (especially when you’ve got less than five months to fit into a wedding dress!).

I’m planning to try the ‘fishrizo’ (fish with the spices used in chorizo) this week…


I just love beautiful new books. What are you reading?

Bethan x


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