Illustrating children’s books

I’ve recently started Monday night evening classes in illustrating books, and particularly children’s books. I’ve got a few story ideas whirling round in my head, and I love to draw, but now I’d like to put the two together and see if I can illustrate my own story. Hence the class.

We’re three weeks in and just getting started, but I’ve been loving having an excuse to start looking at the books of my childhood again. Our tutor encouraged us to read, read, read children’s books, so I joined the local library and checked out a whole bunch, from The Tiger Who Came to Tea to Dogger – remember those?

I’ve also discovered a new use for Pinterest besides wedding planning, and building my illustration inspo board has been great fun. So I thought I’d share a few of the illustrations that are inspiring me with you here. And, when I finally produce some work of my own that’s worth sharing, it’ll be straight up here!

As you can see, I have a fondness for cute, simple pictures, and fluffy animals! I just hope I have the potential to recreate anything like these amazing illustrations!

Bethan x


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