The rise and rise of tasselled boho tops

These days, I find that most of my fashion inspiration comes from Instagram. I see my favourite bloggers and Instagrammers wearing something I may never have thought of, and suddenly I just need it. Particular culprits are The Fashion Lift and The Frugality, both of whom having me rushing to add to basket, and who have had me rediscovering shops like Next and Monsoon of late.

And I think it’s no coincidence that both of these ladies have been rocking what I’m going to call the ‘big-sleeved, embroidered, boho blouse’. Here’s Fran of The Fashion Lift in one of hers (photo: Victoria Metaxas)…


I’ve suddenly seen this style of blouse cropping up all over the high street. Not only that, but they seem to be selling like hot cakes, too. I’m obviously not the only one being influenced by Instagrammers! Here are a few great examples…


Allegra cotton top, £70, from Boden. There’s also a dress version of this which has completely sold out. I’m watching eagerly in case it comes back in stock…


Linen/cotton blouse, £35, M&S


Cotton blouse, £29.50, M&S


Cotton/linen blouse, £39.99, Zara


Cotton blouse, £35, River Island

721412 (1).jpg

Cotton embroidered top, £40, Next. This also comes in blue. Which I have, after seeing it looking beaut on The Frugality’s Insta!

Anyone else loving this look?



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