Silk scarves for summer

I was in M&S the other day checking out the shoe selection (again), when I stumbled across a really cute selection of scarves practically hidden in a corner. They’re little silky square scarves in a variety of patterns, and just £9.50 each. Take a look…


I think they’re really sweet, and a bargain at under £10 for a little accessory experimentation. But how to wear them as the weather gets warmer? Pinterest, of course, has the answer, with a selection of fashionable ladies rocking the t-shirt and silk scarf look…

The key seems to be, keep the t-shirt neutral (white, black, grey or a trusty breton), add something simple on the bottom, like jeans or a monochrome skirt, and sunglasses up the coolness factor (but only if it’s actually sunny).

I’ve just bought the navy spotty scarf, so I’m going to give it a go. Wish me luck!

Bethan x


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