Yes to yellow!


What’s your favourite colour? It’s a tricky question. I’m definitely partial to pink, I love green, and if you opened my wardrobe you’d see about 90 per cent blue and navy. But right now, I’m all about yellow.

I think it’s because the sun made a brief appearance last weekend, and the days are noticeably longer.

It might also be because I went to see Beauty and the Beast this afternoon and fell in love with Belle’s yellow dress all over again. (The original film was the first thing I ever saw at the cinema.)

belle-gold-dress-emma-watson-beauty-and-the-beast-1.jpgSo I’ve been trawling online for sunny yellow pieces to add to my own wardrobe. I might not have any reason to buy an amazing ballgown like this, but these will do nicely…


Dress, £63, Boden


Top, £25, Asos


Top, £145, LK Bennett


Sandals, £17.99, New Look


Bag, £19.99, Mango

Bethan x


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