Hello rhubarb season!

I think rhubarb is one of the Marmites of the fruit and vegetable world. Some of us love the tart but sweet taste, others find it sour and hate the stringy texture. Me? I’m firmly in the first camp. I love the stuff. So now we’re well into rhubarb season, I’m going to be making the most of it.

Here are some recipes I’m planning to try…

Of course, rhubarb cakes are a classic. I love a rhubarb crumble, but when I’m planning to push the boat out a bit more, I’ll try this…


Orange and ricotta cake with vanilla baked rhubard, courtesy of House & Garden.

Or, for a delicious take on a classic pudding, I’ll try this. I can’t resist the use of ginger biscuits…


Rhubarb, apple and ginger trifle, from BBC Good Food

And why not wash it down with more rhubarb?


Rhubarb bellini, from Jamie Oliver

Finally, if you thought rhubarb was for sweet dishes only, you’d be wrong. Here it is with chicken, and it’s also great with pork…


Chicken with baked rhubarb, by Trine Hahnemann

Happy cooking!

Bethan x



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