Supersize my necklace

I used to absolutely love a statement necklace, and had quite a collection of them. Then the fashion changed, and delicate little gold necklaces, often worn in groups, became my thing. I still love them, but I think it’s about time I welcomed some chunky neck candy back into my wardrobe again. I mean, how chic is this…


The ideal way to dress up a simple tee and jeans, especially as the weather is making it pretty much impossible to ditch the winter wardrobe yet, and I’m thoroughly bored of it. So if I can’t put on my skirts, dresses and sandals yet, I’ll just have to jazz up my trousers, tops and boots with a necklace.

I was in Oliver Bonas yesterday, and they have an amazing selection of chunky numbers, from £22. Here are a few of my favourites…



H&M is also a great source for budget necklace options…


This black circle necklace is £17.99, and a great example of exactly what I want to wear right now. Perfect with a breton top or plain white tee.

M&S is another of my favourite sources for jazzy accessories (the scarves are great, too), with all these necklaces and so many more from £15…


Bringing some sunny colour to yet another grey spring day!

Bethan x



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