Converse virgin

I confess, I’ve never owned a pair of Converse. I don’t think I’ve even tried one on. I know, what sort of shoe addict am I if I’ve never had any Converse? What have I been doing? Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always thought they looked great on other people, just never saw the gap in my shoedrobe where they’d fit, and never felt the lust to rush out any buy a pair.

Until now. Because I’ve fallen for the Spring Blossom collection, exclusive to Office.


Probably because they’re all shades of pink, one of my favourite colours.

Particular favourites are these low tops in vapour pink, which are £62.99…


But I’m also keen to try the classic high tops…


These high-tops in ash grey with rose gold are £64.99.

But how to style high-tops for summer when you’ve never worn them before? Look to Pinterest for inspo of course!


I love these looks with floaty white dresses, adding a little sporty edge to something very feminine and summery.



And they look great with cropped, tailored trousers, proving Converse don’t just belong with jeans.



For those with the legs for it, Converse and a mini is a classic cool look…


…But I think I’ll stick with a midi!

How do you wear yours?

Bethan x


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