Glorious & Other Stories dresses

I’m lucky to work right in the centre of London, so the best flagship high-street stores on Oxford Street and Regent Street are right on my doorstep. Perfect for lunchtime purchases! Though my bank balance doesn’t feel quite so lucky…

One shop that’s particularly popular with everyone in my office is & Other Stories. We often have comedy moments, like when three people turned up this week wearing the same denim shirt. But when it’s a good shirt, who cares?!

Earlier this week I ducked in there myself to shelter from a shower, and my head was turned by this gorgeous yellow silk dress, which is £89…


I love the colour, and the cool double breasted shape is a nice little twist on a simple dress. You can’t go wrong with a silk dress under £100 either.

So I thought this was a nice opportunity to share a few of the other dresses from this shop that I’m loving, all available online in case you’re not lucky enough to have to store on your doorstep…


Cross front dress, £65


Floral halterneck, £69


Embroidered, £65


Pink print, £79


Petal print maxi, £65


Maxi wrap, £69

Super pretty, aren’t they? Any favourites?

Bethan x


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